1965 (2) – “Ocean Closed”

Yesterday I told about attending the Baptist World Alliance meeting in Miami Beach, Florida, in June 1965. This short article is about a couple of matters with no direct relationship to that significant meeting.

One of the memories I have carried through the years is about one time when we went out to swim (wade) in the ocean, which was very near the hotel where we were staying. We had been there before, but this this time we were quite surprised to see a sign posted at the water’s edge saying, “Ocean Closed.”

I thought at the time, and have similarly thought the same through the years, that it is an indication of human hubris when people think they can close the ocean! (It was while I was a seminary student that I learned the word “hubris” from Dr. Eric Rust, who became my major professor; he often used that word–and perhaps for good reason.)

I think I know why the sign was erected and what it meant, but still it struck me as an odd thing to post on the beach.

Sometime on that trip to Florida we bought a little egg timer with a seahorse and shells inside the plastic case. When Keith (my oldest son) read the article yesterday he said he wondered what had become of that momento we brought home from Florida–and which he had remembered all these years. Well, we still have it: it was on the ledge behind our kitchen sink, having survived being in Japan for 38 years and in Missouri for these last 12 1/2 years. Here is the picture I took of it this evening: