1959 – Beginning a New Pastorate

Thanks largely to the intercession of Dr. David O. Moore, professor at William Jewell College, I was called to be pastor of Ekron Baptist Church in Meade County, Kentucky, beginning July 1, 1959.

As I wrote about in my tribute to him at the time of his passing last year (see here), on the day June and I graduated from William Jewell College–May 25, 1959, the day before our second wedding anniversary–Dr. Moore made arrangements for us to go to Ekron for  trial sermons (morning and evening) on June 14. After the evening service they had a special business meeting and called us by a vote of 57-2.

We arrived in Ekron (to live) on June 30 (June’s 22nd birthday) and I started my work at pastor the next day. My first sermons as pastor were on July 5. But sometime that day, probably after the night service, I started a diary/journal. Here is what I wrote:


Here are the other two entries on the page that had the above entry on top:

7/6/59  This day has turned out much differently than planned. Getting June lined up to wash was a day’s job. Made only one visit. The music clinic tonight was very good. I got some concept of what good church music should mean and do. It made me realize how sloppy most congregational music really is. Lord, help us to be more conscientious in our singing.

7/7/59  Today things went off more as planned. Except for the trip to Irvington, which was unscheduled, all else went well. Mr. Mills visited with me this morning. We made several good calls. I watched the All Star baseball game this afternoon with Albert Biddle. He is a supporter of baseball more than he is the church. Who knows what could be done if people had as much energy and enthusiasm over religion as they do over sports. Lord, help us to be more energetic as we are engaged in your service.