1986 — ABGTS Trustees Meeting

For several years I served as a trustee of the Asia Baptist Graduate Theological Seminary, a consortium of Baptist seminaries in east and southeast Asia. For a few of those years I was the elected chair of the Board of Trustees.

I recently came across a picture (see below) of a Board meeting. It is dated July 1986, although I am not sure that is the correct date. This may have been our meeting in Singapore, but I have also been unable to confirm that.

At any rate, this picture is of the trustees of the meeting I was chairing, seated next to the ABGTS president at the time, Dr. Grover Tyner. As can be seen, there are only two Asians on the Board: the president of the Baptist seminary in Taiwan (on the left end) and the president of the Baptist seminary in Malasia (second to my right). If I remember correctly, the latter, Dr. Amos Lee, succeeded me as the Chair of the Board. 

I was happy to represent the Department of Theology, Seinan Gakuin University, at those trustee meetings–and happy for the opportunity that afforded me to travel to several Asian countries for the meetings. I often felt bad, though, that the other seminaries always had far more students in the ABGTS program than we did from Japan.

ABGTS Trustees.786