1966 (Aug.) — “A Countess from Hong Kong”

On April 4, 1967, June and I got the children (Keith and Kathy) off to school and then took the train to Kyoto, where we got our annual physical examinations at the Baptist Hospital there the next day. (We had made arrangements for the children to be taken care of while we were gone.) But on the evening of the 4th, we went to see the movie “A Countess from Hong Kong.” There was a special reason for that.

On August 23, 1966, the SS President Cleveland that we went to Japan on stopped for a day in Hawaii. It was a very enjoyable day, but we were quite tired by dark and went to bed fairly early. The next morning we saw a sheet of paper under our door saying that all passengers were invited to be on deck when the ship left the dock on the night of the 23rd.

A scene in the movie “A Countess from Hong Kong,” starring Marlon Brando and Sophia Loren, was being filmed that night and we had the chance to be “extras” in the movie–but we slept right through it!

It was fun to watch the movie again on April 17, 2017, after 50 years Kathy watched it with us, and I just now wrote saying to her, “I didn’t like the movie all that much, but it was fun to see the President Cleveland with us all tucked away inside!”

Here is a picture of the President Cleveland leaving California–as it did on Aug. 18, 1966, with four Seats on it.

President Cleveland SS (2)